Klaus's work featured

in another 500 series book


"Dazzles with magnificent works created by an array of international artisans utilizing traditional precious metals and gems as well as such nontraditional materials as fabric, feathers, wire, paper, plastic, rubber, wood, leather, and even vegetables. The overall layout is clean and crisp, with the jewelry as the focus. VERDICT: This breathtaking compilation of outstanding and one-of-a-kind jewelry is recommended for individuals interested in creative art design and jewelry." - Library Journal

Our own self-published book of Klaus's jewelry from the past ten years. Can be previewed and purchased on Blurb. Also available as ebook for iPad, iPhone, iPod!

Masters Gemstones, featuring the jewelry of Klaus Spies

Masters: Gemstones—Major Works by Leading Artists features the work of Klaus Spies and that of 38 other internationally renowned jewelry designers whose design focus is on gemstones. Available for purchase through any of your preferred booksellers.


1000 Rings, featuring the Möbius Ring

We get emails from the most far-flung places from people who see Klaus's Möbius Ring published in this fabulous book 1000 Rings (count 'em). This publication is visually gorgeous as well as an interesting exploration of jewelry for the hand. Available for purchase through any of your preferred book sellers.