Rutilated Quartz ring
Rutilated Quartz Ring

I found my love for jewelry in my early teens and was fascinated by all the possibilities to create beautiful things. Growing up in Europe, I was touched by the masterworks of the goldsmithing tradition almost as old as mankind. During the last 20 years, I have experimented with all kinds of techniques, but the learning process in the art of goldsmithing never ends. Aside from creating new collections, I am always experimenting with new materials and methods.


Creating my own jewelry is a way to express myself. I get my ideas by observing my surroundings wherever I am: in nature by looking at the patterns of plants or animals, in the cities by watching the people, in dreams by listening to my inner voice. I use a wide variety of goldsmithing techniques like chasing, fabricating, wax carving, casting etc.


Over the years I have developed my own style, aiming for perfection in craftsmanship while still breaking the rules of joyless, classical, industrialized jewelry. I want my jewelry to look natural. Therefore I spend a long time on surface treatment, which gives each of my pieces a unique look. I favor complex surfaces with matt, brushed or hammered finishes. My preferred materials are sterling silver and 18 Karat gold, in combination with well-chosen gems.