Klaus Spies, jewelry designer










                    Klaus Spies grew up in Germany but first learned his craft during his adventure-years travels through South America and Mexico. Back home in the 80s, he pursued goldsmithing in the fine-craft nirvana of Germany, thriving in the edgy excitement and freedom of Berlin way back when.


Klaus and his American wife Susan moved from Berlin to Chicago in 1999 where they started Spies Design. Together they built upon an exciting start on the art fair scene and turned that into a prized craft jewelry brand. In 2008, they moved themselves and the jewelry to Asheville, North Carolina to be closer to nature, one of Klaus's important sources of inspiration.


Sadly, Klaus passed away in late 2019. His wife Susan is continuing the jewelry tradition they started with Spies Design, following the iconic, expressive design path that Klaus trailblazed — bold shapes, natural stones, stunning colors — and upholding the standards of Klaus's superb craftsmanship.